Saturday, November 26, 2005

Huh, Bunny Fucker strikes again - but not in court:
Thanx Popbitch!

>> You're nobunny 'til somebunny loves you <<
Bunny-shagger claims to be a tool

Brendan McMahon, the Sydney bunny-fucker, saw
the charge of bestiality dropped against him
yesterday. Prosecutors couldn't prove he had
used his penis to penetrate the lucky rabbit.

McMahon has been telling the court psychiatrist
that he is a "tool of the universe", whose
purpose in life is to free rabbits and release
them. His psychiatrist, Dr Allnut, says
McMahon's "interest in nature, bird-watching
and mysticism became distorted by amphetamine
use". Presumably this meant that "releasing
rabbits" became synonymous with "hack in to
small pieces, mutilate and stick penis into."

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Kommt einem doch bekannt vor - Du bist Deutschland - ja, diese aktuell doofe Kampagne.

Dass sie nicht neu ist, zeigen Allstarsdesign: War alles schon mal da, vor 70 Jahren im beschaulichen 1935. Ist das denn jetzt ein Fake oder nicht?

Spreeblick sagen: echt.
Kleines Ratespiel - ist das Street Art oder Advertising?
und sind die Posts dazu gekauft - oder nicht?

Bei der Woostercollective hat man sich gefetzt, denn es ist immer noch Werbung für Sonys PSP portable. Berechtigt. Das Schöne dabei ist, dass man nie weiss, ob nicht auch Angestellte der Werbeagentur mitgemischt haben. Wieso? Wer sowas so unkritisch bespricht, könnte doch gekauft sein. Oder nicht? Oder doch? Aber niemals?

gekauft oder nicht?

"I think Sony PSP?s wheat paste campaign is a terrific idea. It conceptually and seamlessly integrates the Sony product with the characters. The cryptic and mysterious street art-style execution works well with the PSP brand particularly because Sony PlayStation has a history of mysterious, cryptic and effective advertising that doesn?t hit you over the head with overt, dumbed-down messages or slogans. And like the Time campaign (executed with Cope2) it?s a seemingly effortless and engaging fusion of advertising and street art, which will certainly get people talking (as we are right now). Finally if it can get past the folks at Wooster (c?mon guys, no excuses!) it must be good!"


From Saint X:
"Aaaaaarrrrggggghhh. I KNEW something wasn’t right about the thing when I took a picture of it a couple weeks ago in san Francisco. Two kids. 6-feet tall. Right near the new freeway off-ramp. Looked way too clean to be real. Working for a branding firm, I’m adamantly opposed to this kind of infiltration by the big corporations. Equivalent in my mind with viral marketing stealth efforts to generate a buzz about a new product the unsuspecting masses by some cool, attractive shill on the company payroll. If a corporation has a brand that is truly of the style of the streets (skateboards, surf gear, etc.) I’m less inclined to bitch. When Sony does it, it feels like they’re cheating. Wonder if the city’s with Quality of Life laws are going to impose any fines or threaten to send any executives to the lockup!! Thanks for the tip-off!"

Monday, November 21, 2005

Ach, wie süüß! Der kleine 128k Mac
jetzt auch zum Basteln bei Kenji Eno

Das PDF zum Ausschneiden, Falten und auf den desktop.